Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours!

Away, beyond the wrongs and rights, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.



Ever since you walked into my life, everything changed. Today marks one of the milestones, of our journey togetherness, of YOU and I becoming WE. It was meant to be, we fit in perfectly, like two pieces of a puzzle that complete one and other. I realized not how each minute I spent with you, pulled me closer and made me fall deeper in love with you.


The universe conspired for us to meet, to fall in love, and to be together. With each passing moment, my faith grows stronger and my love grows deeper. Every moment with you is magical, whether you’re miles away or right beside me. The very thought of you, each morning as I wake, brightens my day.


What medicines can’t heal, you heal from miles away. Talking to you makes my illness go away, my worries fly, and my troubles die. I don’t even realize how I suddenly go from low to glow!  Everything around me ceases to exist, and all I can perceive is YOU! My world begins with you and ends at you. You are my whole world.


Every choice I make, every decision I take, is influenced by what I’ve learnt from you. I strive to be a better person, to be the person you see in me.  Even though you’re far away, I feel your presence around me, I breathe your fragrance, I hear your voice. Sometimes, I just turn around hoping to see you. I know that it isn’t possible, but what I perceive is so strong, it almost feels real and I cant help but turn. I am often lost into my thoughts. I miss the times when the distance wasn’t a problem and time was ours.


The times we were together, I looked at you and wondered, how did I get lucky enough to have found you. Every time I’d look into your eyes, and find myself there – nothing could ever make me as happy as that. I miss how you would wrap your arms around me and make me feel complete again, make me feel happy, make me realize that it was all worth it.  Every time you kissed me, I felt like a teenager who had her first kiss, I felt those gazillion butterflies, my toes swirl, and my eyes close tight. Every time we made love, it felt PERFECT. I am not sure there is any  word that could do justice to it.


It’s strange how you always keep telling me that no we aren’t meant to be. Sometimes I feel you keep saying it to make yourself believe rather than me, that you don’t love me.  Maybe you don’t see it yet, or maybe you won’t accept it. Even today, every time I look into your eyes, I see love, Love for me, your actions scream louder than your words, and each one of them show how much you love me. Someday you will see, you will realize your love for me.


It might take months, it might take years, but I’ll wait.. I’ll wait until eternity, I know that one day, you will come to realize how much you love me. That day, no fear, no promise, nothing will stop you! That day you will come and tell me what I have been waiting to hear. You can push all my buttons, and say/do everything to make me believe that you don’t love me, but it won’t change my belief or weaken my faith. It just makes it stronger, because each time you say you don’t love me, a part of you tells me that you do. With every “This is not going to happen, you’re dreaming” that you say, I hear ” Don’t give up on our dream, it will happen soon” !


So baby you can deny that you love me, and you can keep asking me to move on, and keep giving me umpteen lectures on how I deserve better…but I won’t stop loving you or give up on our dream. Because, One day, on a sultry Sunday afternoon, as we’re lazing on the couch of our beautiful house, you’ll be reading this story to our kids and telling them how much you love all of us.


©  Manali Jobanputra, All Rights Reserved.



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