What We Do?

Your Moments, Our Words !

We at Wordents  strive to make every moment everlasting by capturing its essence in words.


Memories are a beautiful part of everyone’s lives. We all have umpteen memories and we love preserving and cherishing them. 'Wordents' helps you do it in a beautiful effortless way.

We listen to your stories/ memories and turn them into a beautiful written text. Next we create a personal / WordPress website for you, where we upload each story with pictures and videos. ( If you wish to see a sample layout of a wordpress.com website, click here. )

One can upload as many stories as they like, and access it from anywhere in the world. The most enticing aspect about it is that its an everlasting gift. It cannot perish, or get lost or anything on those lines. It will be there, intact forever.


Why Wordents is the best Gift?


The wow's of Wordents :

Hassle free of preserving or maintaining it.

Accessible from anywhere without carrying it around.

No worries of losing it.

Privacy maintained. { For those couples who have to hide gifts and cards from their lovers, this is your solution 😉 }


A part of our earnings will be donated towards charity.

So here are all the reasons why ' Wordents' is the perfect choice.  Along with the gift and joy you are giving your loved ones, you're also helping a someone somewhere create a moment of happiness, because a part of what we earn shall be invested in spreading joy to the underprivileged.

Our Works

Most of our clients prefer to keep their privacy, but some clients let us flaunt our skills. Below are a Few of our works. Right from the design to the content, every bit of it is proudly created by Wordents.

  1. The Bag Factory 
  2. MayurDhan
  3. RutuAai
  4. The Trio's Tribute


Sanchita Bhartiya
 Now this is personalised gifting at another level. This Father's Day Wordents broke all the stereotypes & came to my rescue with a wonderfully designed Webpage and soulful words for my father; the pivot of our world!! 
Boris Pereira
 WORDENTS is the NEW definition to personalized gifting. It makes gifting easier and better in every aspect. I almost gave up on finding the perfect anniversary gift for my wife and that's when Wordents came to my rescue. It made for the most special gift ever. Needless to say that Manali and her writing skills did a fabulous job, the end result was way better than what I expected. Keep it up!  
Rutwik Nalawade
 First of all, thank you for the lovely prize of Mothers Day Contest. Loved the poem, not just me, all of us did. It's the most beautiful poem I've ever read. The website looks pretty too! Than-you so much Manali, you go girl. 
Avni and Dhwanil Sanghvi
 It was such a divine experience meeting with you and discovering a new perspective to life. We felt an instantaneous connect and could resonate with your words.Our experience with you and Wordents was wonderful. Thank you for giving us this special gift if love. Best wishes to you for Wordents.  
Priyanka Kamat
 My experience with Wordents was just great. I got a website made for my niece, to gift her on her 15th birthday and Manali here did a fantastic job. Everybody loved the website and how each minute detail was given attention and made to perfection. Thanks a lot once again Manali. Wordents is going to be my gifting choice always. 
Takshit RD
 4 months have passed since the love of my life has fallen in love with me all thanks to the amazing poem written by the amazingly awesome poetess Manali Jobanputra. I am eternally thankful to her for penning down the poem which described exactly what I felt for her in the most amazing way possible. She is a truly blessed writer who can make magic with her words.I wish her all the best for her future endeavors and hope she keeps making magic happen with her words. 
Neal Bhosale
 Great Experience. Loved the services at Wordents. Thank you so much Manali, you're truly gifted. The website was absolutely perfect in every aspect. Couldn't as for more. Lovely services, great prices. 

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